Return to Innocence Urban Zen Series Headphones

Showstoppers during CTIA 2013 as usual showcased some very interesting companies with some very interesting product. 


Urban Zen Series Headphones


Sweet is how we can only describe the Urban Zen series of headphones by Eagle Tech computers.  The Urban Zen series is a collective effort from artists from different backgrounds expressed in these headphones.  Powerful acoustic drives with bass boost, wide frequency response with clear sounds, large soft ear cushions for our delicate ears and a highly portable space saving foldable design.

Eagle Tech is chalk full of great bluetooth goodies from their floor standing power speakers to Arion Bluetooth music receiver that converts your wired speakers and headphones to wireless.  With all of this wireless audio technology, let’s get this party started!  Check it out.

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Device Dryer is What Every Girl Needs

Save your mobile phone
Device Dryer

We know Crazyfunbabes that have gone through 3 iPhones (yes 3)  in short order because of mmm  shall we say water-related mishaps. It’s no secret that a phone in your back pocket, Cosmopolitans and a trip to the ladies room can easily spell trouble.

Feel free to party on! DeviceDryer from Digital Innovations dries out your soaked electronics.  In the package you get a re-sealable bag with little purple peppercorn looking things in it.  When your mishap occurs grab your DeviceDryer bag and put your soggy phone in it and seal it up tight for the next 48 hours. Odds are if you followed their directions you won’t have to make a trip to the phone kiosk in the mall to buy a new mobile phone.

The DeviceDryer works for MP3 players, cameras and watches too.  We like their slogan  “Before you fry it…dry it!”

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Aritzia Takes North America


A Canadian company who is taking North America by storm is the fashion retailer Aritzia. A fan of their fashions we admire how Aritzia has personified our anthem “where glamour meets technology” with their digital “The Magazine” on

Aritzia not only profiles their cutting edge fashions (I just ordered one of their skirts while doing research) but also profiles up and coming artists from film makers to finger nails.

One of their features in their latest edition is Candy Paint, a nail/wrap art studio in Los Angeles just off Melrose Avenue that is owned by accesories designer Melody Ehsani, bashion blogger Aureta Thomollari and nail artist Yoko Sakakura.,default,pg.html


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Ever Dreamed of Having A Celebrity Stylist Pick The Look for You ?

Chelsea Spokesmodel
Chelsea Spokesmodel
February 12, 2013

We love when glamour and technology come together. This UK based site does just that.

This UK fashion site has top-notch celebrity stylists giving their fashion forecasts and expertise on what is the lastest along with photos of the looks. The beauty is that the celebrity fashions that Stylist Pick present you can buy from their site at affordable prices.

Not that this concept is new but the difference we see with Stylist Pick is that the fashions they provide for purchase actually look like high end shoes, purses and clothes. Usually when we see “the celeb paid this but you can wear these and get the look for cheaper”, the look is usually well…. pretty cheesy. Not in the case of Stylist Pick the clothes the boots look expensive and yet are truly affordable. Continue reading

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Autographer Photoshoot by Rankin

Rankin for Autographer
Rankin for Autographer

February 6, 2013
I’m so dizzy my head is spinning. That is the song that went through my head when I received the breaking news today that world-famous photographer, Rankin had worn the Autographer  – the wearable camera during the Autographer photoshoot. Continue reading

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